Milano Unica Spring Summer 24 Takeaways

The key trend takeaways from this seasons show with Superpower being the key theme of the edition

One of the fashion industry’s most important and leading tradeshows that each year draws thousands of buyers from across the world. Last month, Milano Unica took place presenting the Spring Summer 2024 collections of over 475 suppliers in textiles and accessories for women’s, men’s, and children’s fashion. A show that this year carried with it an energy that symbolized in a certain sense a return to normal, and in fact a show that surpassed sales and attendance of the 4 years prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each season, the Milano Unica Style Committee carefully interprets the evolution of our contemporary culture offering a curated journey of themes. With Superpower as this edition’s leading theme, the idea of creative responsibility, but also positivity was represented in its subthemes that included the Power of Thought, the Power of Action, and the Power of Emotion. A value and vision shared by the exhibitors of the show, more and more focused on offering fashion brands a product that respects the environment and those who inhabit it. The iconic Milano Unica trends and sustainability section of the show brought to life a selection of pieces that were eclectic for both their mixed fibers and colors but also their play on contrasts and stylistic combinations. In particular, the use of light fabrics including organze and macramé, representing a transparent and feminine world was repeatedly seen. Instead, in accessories, lace, pearl, ruched hems, and oversized zippers were reoccurring in different forms and styles.

The Power of Thought

Desert shades and tones on tones, particularly seen in animalier prints in different weights and materials ranging from jersey to knitwear to create a product that is both lightweight and soft and the perfect choice for a comfortable style. Sophistication is seen in tailored checkered and striped designs which are a reoccurring element in both fabrics and accessories. The three-dimensional effects which dominated the previous season come back but with thinner and more subtle effects playing on opaque and transparent fabrics that give minimal contrast.

The Power of Action

A strong, bold and energetic palette of colors. Here we see blocks of color that stand out for their contrasts and large volumes. The fabrics are heavyweight and well-suited for outerwear. The use of patchwork was used in both fabrics and accessories, giving space to a vibrant mix of colors, volumes and techniques. Vibrant and fresh pops of color were also seen in lace, embroidery and macramé. Jacquards were crafted with a bold color palette, creating printed designs and giving a true sense of an eclectic mix and match. Oversized zips and buttons also recalled the overarching idea of stand-out pieces and volumes.

The Power of Emotion

A surreal theme where the colors appear to almost be dimmed through the use of pastel shades, giving the idea of watercolor. Smoky and vanishing effects along with a washed-out feel are seen in the cottons. Digital comes into play in camouflage fabrics that are ergonomic and offered in a variety of different prints, jacquard, and fil coupé. The fabrics are lightweight and take on fluid and rounded volumes. In the accessories, we see natural tones as well as more luminous tones, especially in the tags and patches.

Presenting at this editions show were Bsamply suppliers: Tomasi Master, Lanificio Raphael, Clerici Tessuto, Lampo by Lanfranchi, Silkomo, Tessuti di Sondrio, WEFT, Tessitura Marco Pastorelli and TMG textiles

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