Who we Are

A shared system, made up of different professional communities designed to promote and facilitate both the connection and data exchange between all the stakeholders of the fashion industry. 

Bsamply in the 2017

Our story begins in Los Angeles in 2017 with a mission to digitalize the fashion, interior, and raw material industries. Founded by Italian, Andrea Fiume, Bsamply began as a project to not only bring the beauty of Italy’s know-how and craftsmanship in the textile industry to fashion brands around the world but to automate communication, sales, and order processes between buyers and suppliers.  A system that could not only optimize processes within the industry but provide a more sustainable solution to the many traditional methods used.


Bsamply Today

Today, Bsamply is headquartered in Italy, and in July 2022, it became part of Dedagroup Stealth SpaA new chapter for Bsamply that allows us to not only grow our network of buyers and suppliers but further amplify our product offering: joining forces to offer fashion brands worldwide the possibility to track their supply chain end-to-end, from the initial sourcing of the raw material to the final production and distribution of the finished garment.