Bsamply Suppliers Coming to Town

With one of Milan's most important textile tradeshows just around the corner, discover who from Bsamply will in town

One of Milan’s most important international tradeshows for high-end textiles and accessories is just around the corner. This upcoming July 12, 13 and 14 leading suppliers from Italy, Europe, Japan and Korea will in town showcasing their FW 22/23 collections.

The tradeshow identifies itself with one key theme: seasonless and further divided into three subcategories, Seasonless Opulence, Seasonless Nature, and Seasonless Flexibility. A theme based on the idea of breaking conventional seasonality, using research and experimentation on fabric weights. Cottons crafted for winter, lightweight wool for summer and layered muslin padding, intertwining the journey between the changing climate and the social fabric. 

Preview the collections of suppliers and get in touch with them before the show starts directly on Bsamply.

Our suppliers who will be in town:

Seride: Utilizing sustainable materials, Made-in-Italy printed fabrics have been the innovation of this supplier since 1975. 

Lanificio Raphael: A Made-in-Italy wool mill that goes back to 1972,  specializing in double splittable fabrics, elastic, natural stretch, coated and jacquard.

Tessuti di Sondrio: Growing since 1895 and infamous for their cotton, wool, silk, and other handcrafted materials, using the influence of art, technology, and culture.


  • Beach and Body: Supplying undergarment and swimwear producers, a collection of fabrics in lycra, silk, and polyester are in play.
  • Larusmiani: Based on simplicity, elegance, and lightness, completed cotton with yarn-dyed and piece-dyed colors are used for suitable outerwear.
  • Industry: Personifying as a younger Clerici Tessuto, five macro themes are the star of this by embellishing basic fabrics with coatings, dyes and finishes.

Lampo: Rooting as an 1880s button factory, new technologies and materials were tested out to help this evolving company and its expansive product line. 

Nastrificio de Bernardi: Most popular for their velvet ribbon, Nastrificio de Bernardi has been diversifying its product range while investing in technology and raw materials since 1946.

Tomasi Master: This Northern Italian company is a renowned luxury packaging leader, producing custom-made and industrial garments, accessories, and more.  

Weft: Family owned since 1952, specializing in the modernized production and distribution of textiles for all genders.

Pastorelli: Pockets, clothing, and lining are made possible to the collection of natural fibres, artificial fibres, and synthetic fibres. 

Bottinelli: From the works and innovation of technical solutions, weaving and printing of scarves, ties, foulards, fabrics for garments since 1931.

TMG: Adhering to sustainable and quality growth since 1937, TMG works with fabrics, textiles, and innovative garment manufacturing. 

Silk Como: Specialized in prints for the female clothing market, self-coloured textiles have been produced for over 30 years.

Olympias: Providing an array of yarns, fabrics, and labels, and constantly improving their production equipment since the 1980’s. 

Canclini: Offering prints from piece-dyed to yarn-dyed, wool to cotton to linen, and even knitwear; Canclini aims to satisfy all areas of fashion. 

Manifattura Pezzetti: Rich colors and piece-dyed items in large quantities from the power of Italian manufacturing for over 75 years. 

The week just prior, the leading trade show showcasing yarns for the knitting sector will be held in Florence. A bi-annual fair whose theme this year will be Into the Wild.

Our suppliers who will be in town:

Lanificio dell’ Olivo: Committing to processes, colors, and structures, innovative fibers have been creating unique yarns since 1947. 

Filmar: Quality cotton yarns are produced while organic cultivation of Egyptian cotton and sustainability are promoted

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