A Defining Symbol in Men’s Fashion: the Necktie

The history behind one of the most iconic pieces in the men's wardrobe, the necktie

A men’s accessory whose story goes back to the mid-17th century, but that still today, remains for many, a defining wardrobe staple. A formal touch that despite changes in times, trends, and styles, survives and continues to be an individualizing symbol and statement piece for a man not only in the work world, but in fashion, and everyday society.

Solid, geometric, striped, jacquard, silk or wool, the necktie is “an article that goes beyond an iconic men’s fashion accessory, but one that can be appreciated for its sophisticated makeup that despite its small size, represents the excellence behind prints and textiles” states Andrea Fiume, Founder and CEO of Bsamply. 

Born in Como and into a family of textile entrepreneurs for over four generations, for Andrea, the art of, and passion for fabrics is in his blood. His mission? To connect and empower the traditional textile industry, making the beauty and craftsmanship behind Italian textiles available to fashion houses all over the world. Pursuing his mission, in 2017, Andrea launched Bsamply, an innovative digital platform connecting buyers of fashion brands with textile suppliers more easily, quickly, and year-round. Although now offering a wide range of suppliers from Italy and beyond on the platform, Andrea is committed to providing a quality raw material for a quality final product, each supplier available on Bsamply being carefully selected and providing a product that meets tight standards. “I am a believer in less is more when it comes to fashion. My wardrobe is simple, it’s classic, it doesn’t have a lot of color, but it’s got everlasting pieces that can be worn time and time again.” 

Living in Milan for over 20 years now, Andrea has taken on as many would say the monochromatic Milanese style. But if he had to choose how to splash color into his workday, it would be the necktie. “A tie expresses personality, it expresses a mood, and it’s what distinguishes me, from the man sitting across the table,” says Andrea. In fact, during the Art Deco movement, the necktie became a way for a gentleman to express his artistic side, with ties becoming wider, bolder, and with decorative designs reflecting Art Deco. Often associated to white-collar professions and the sole requirement for a dressy occasion, the tie continues to be an icon of formality, but also quality and craftsmanship. A small piece of fabric whose craftsmanship is seen in its patterns, colors, shape, and materials. “The beauty and the message behind a tie is what I want to make possible with every textile. Each and every piece of fabric is a small patch that makes up a larger patchwork with a function.” Every story begins with the raw material” says Andrea.


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