Begin mapping your fashion supply chain with Bsamply

For brands, garment makers and suppliers

Administrative, product, and sustainability data&documents: collection, management and sharing

With the Bsamply portal, you can map and manage your suppliers and garment makers, sourcing and sampling, and collection of all necessary documents, data and certifications in a single space that can be integrated into your ERP to begin managing your fashion supply chain all in one place.

From administrative to product and order information, our portal allows you to collect and trace each piece of information, allowing you to map your supply chain and support traceability along the way. The integrated digital supplier requirement form, lets you set standards and guidelines to facilitate your supplier selection prior to sourcing.


Administrative, Product, and Order Data & Document Collection

Use the portal to collect and share all necessary data, documents, and files including certifications as they relate to the company and the products

• Company, product, and order master data

• Compliance documents

• EHS certifications

Sustainability Data & Document Collection

• Use the portal to collect, trace, and share all necessary data and documents regarding sustainability and the traceability of the products you are sourcing.

• Company ESG metrics

• Product sheet pages and certifications

• Order and lot certifications

Supplier, Sourcing and Sampling Management

Create your private work group with your suppliers and directly manage your material selection, sampling, and orders.

• Digital product sheet pages

• Moodboards for customization

• Product recoding

Why the Bsamply Portal?

One mutual system for brands, suppliers, and garment makers

A single system to collect and manage information from suppliers that can be accessed by different brands, facilitating the workload for suppliers

Easy data sharing and integration with other software

Portal that can be accessed by different brand departments and API-oriented allowing for easy data sharing with third-party software, ERPs or PLMs

Tech-enabled sustainability
and supply chain mapping

The system tracks, collects and helps manage all information and data required to measure and access sustainability performance and calculations

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