Your supplier sourcing, data, and certification tracking and management tool


As a fashion brand company, a supplier, or a raw material supplier, with the Bsamply portal, you can track and control all your sampling in addition to your suppliers’┬áproduct, compliance, and sustainability data in a shared space that can be integrated into your ERP to begin tracing your supply chain.

From data to certifications to documents and ratings, our portal allows you to track, control and download each piece of information. The integrated digital supplier requirement form, lets you set standards and preconditions to facilitate your supplier selection prior to sourcing.

4 Key Features

Company Work Tree

Recreate your physical team structure and designate specific roles and visabilities within the platform

Requirement Form

Ensure suppliers meet your requirements and are in compliance through our customizable digital form

Downloadable Data

Track and download all necessary information, files and data regarding your suppliers and orders placed

Integration into ERP

Integrate all information into your ERP to further track all following steps and processes regarding production

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