For tradeshows, associations or category-based!

What does it mean?

Our communities allow you to create a digital space dedicated to your suppliers and buyers. Whether you’re a tradeshow, an association, or interested in creating a community based on a category, our communities will allow you to work with all your suppliers and buyers in one place. Each supplier will have a dedicated showroom with detailed product sheet pages your invited buyers or those part of our network can directly source and manage order processes¬†from.

An industry network and ecosystem

Choose whether your community is public or private within our network! If it’s public, all registered Bsamply buyers, and suppliers with showrooms in our network can view the suppliers within your community. If it’s private, only the buyers and suppliers you invite! All other buyers and suppliers registered within our network will have to request access to join your community.


Why create a community within our network?

One space to manage and work with all suppliers

Company work tree with designated roles

Auotomated communication, sourcing and order processes

Ability to interact with suppliers or buyers part of other communites

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