A Fabric Affair: How to merge craftsmanship with digital innovation

The combination of A Fabric Affair's high-quality materials with Bsamply's cutting-edge digital solutions

A Fabric Affair, known for its premium fabric offerings, considers itself a textile craftsmanship curator. This motto sums up every principle of the company, its raison d’être and its purpose: a Workshop of artisans for artisans, displaying their exceptional fashion concepts in a refined yet simple context. The most iconic textile-accessory suppliers meet clients to offer their best products, sense of style, tradition and ingenuity. 

Andrea Fiume, Bsamply Director, first met A Fabric Affair’s founders, Nicola and Riccardo, virtually and then in person in New York in January 2023. From this initial meeting, a strong connection and a shared vision emerged. They saw an opportunity to merge the best of Italian and European craftsmanship with digital innovation, thereby bringing unparalleled value to American brands. 

A Fabric Affair therefore decided to strategically partner with Bsamply, to revolutionize the textile industry. This collaboration aims to streamline the fabric sampling process and enhance accessibility for designers and manufacturers, combining A Fabric Affair’s high-quality materials with Bsamply’s cutting-edge digital solutions

Integration of a standard catalog with a digital one

The idea was to transport A Fabric Affair’s live community to Bsamply’s digital platform, expanding visibility and opportunities to a broader audience. This collaboration not only amplifies A Fabric Affair’s presence but also provides Bsamply’s buyers with access to a fresh array of premium materials. 

By integrating their catalog into Bsamply’s platform, A Fabric Affair has extended its reach globally. Designers and manufacturers now have unprecedented access to a diverse range of fabrics, fostering creativity and collaboration within the industry.

The product development cycle and decision-making process are accelerated and facilitated by Bsamply’s intuitive interface, which empowers designers to efficiently explore A Fabric Affair’s collections. 

This partnership empowers designers with greater flexibility and control over their sourcing process. Unlike traditional trade shows, Bsamply’s platform offers continuous engagement opportunities. Buyers and brands can seamlessly interact with suppliers through the Bsamply Community Network, further enhancing the synergy between A Fabric Affair and Bsamply. 

Moreover, the partnership has facilitated connections and collaborations within the textile industry in several ways. It connects buyers and exhibitors who cannot attend in-person events, allowing potential clients to explore collections regardless of location. It provides ongoing marketing and sales efforts throughout the year, opening new collaboration opportunities with key industry players. Additionally, it showcases new designs to a broader audience and aligns with sustainability-focused buyers and partners. 

Fabrics of different brand worldwide
Advancement in the textile industry,

A Fabric Affair envisions its partnership with Bsamply evolving to further integrate digital innovations and expand its footprint. Upcoming initiatives include enhanced digital catalogs, AI-driven personalization, sustainability initiatives, data analytics integration, collaborative design projects, expanding market segments. 

The partnership between A Fabric Affair and Bsamply represents a significant advancement in the textile industry, driving innovation, sustainability, and accessibility. By combining their expertise and resources, they are pioneering a new era of digital sourcing, reshaping how fabrics are discovered, sampled, and sourced on a global scale. As they approach A Fabric Affair’s next edition in July 2024, this collaboration promises to further enhance the synergy between the two brands, ensuring long-term growth and innovation. 

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