Challenge The Fabric Shapes the Industry of Tomorrow

The fourth edition of Challenge The Fabric (CTF) took place in Milan on May 14th and 15th, 2024, bringing together industry leaders and stakeholders from the fashion, textile, and forest industries.

Focusing on sustainability, traceability, and material innovation, CTF 2024 reintroduced the CTF Award, a talent competition that challenges designers to create looks using man-made cellulosic fibers (MMCF) fabrics. This initiative aims to promote and encourage a shift towards biobased and recycled materials.

Challenge The Fabric seeks to amplify its impact through collaboration, providing a unique platform for the entire supply chain of MMCFs to meet, collaborate, and drive change. MMCFs are a group of regenerative fibers traditionally derived from wood and sometimes from other cellulose sources like cotton-rich textiles or agricultural waste.

MMCFs hold the third-largest share in global fiber production after polyester and cotton. These fibers are increasingly important and have significant potential for sustainability, provided that the cellulose is sourced responsibly and the processing chemicals are managed properly.

Bsamply attended the Challenge The Fabric event hosted by the Ekman Group and organized by the Swedish Fashion Council. Sustainability and responsibility are two of Bsamply’s core pillars, reflected throughout its supply chain processes. Attending this event reaffirmed Bsamply’s commitment to a greener future, reinforcing that the path towards sustainability is both possible and necessary.

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