New Fall Winter 24/25 by Lanificio dell’Olivo now available on Bsamply

Lanificio dell'Olivo, iconic Italian yarn house since 1947 and Bsamply supplier since 2022, releases its new Fall/Winter 2024/2025

With the 93rd edition of Pitti Immagine Filati in Florence, Lanificio dell Olivo, iconic Italian yarn house since 1947 and Bsamply supplier since 2022, released its new Fall/Winter 2024/2025 collection. A collection of yarns that features 12 new proposals crafted for a highly dynamic fashion that meets different style and design needs. Of course, excellence and service, in addition to sustainability are at the forefront of this collection, each piece holding at least one certification.

Adding to Lanificio dell’Olivo’s already extensive list of certifications is the Nativa certification, which monitors wool traceability and therefore its quality in the most effective way, giving sustainability a new meaning beyond animal welfare and the protection of breeders, but also the protection of the territory and biodiversity through regenerative agriculture.

Product Features part of the Fall Winter 2024 2025 collection include:

Fancy Wool

Wool takes center stage with its versatility and biodegradability that make it perfect for all seasons in a blend of comfort and sustainability, to reflect naturalness.

New products: Joice (Nm 1800); Minou (Nm 7500); Ashley (Nm 10000); Phil (Nm 4500); Jackie (Nm 15000).

Featuring Alpaca

The grace of this yarn is accentuated by the use of pastel colors with shaded effects.

New: Bianca Melange (Nm 10,000), Orville (Nm 11,500), Orville Mélange (Nm 11,500).

Baby Kid Mohair

An icon of Lanificio dell’Olivo, the certified RMS is a fiber that appears not only by itself but also blended with alpaca, offering different textures.

New: Vivian (Nm 3800).

Cotton 4 Seasons

The trans-seasonal nature of cotton is confirmed, as this excellent fiber’s strength this season lies in color, synonymous with joy, youthfulness, and contemporaneity.

Basic Winter

These yarns are suitable for every stylistic need, with bicolor and solid shades.

New: Wallace(Nm 7500 ); Bizet(Nm 18000)

Les Oxydes

Twisted and processed filaments that become high-fashion yarns, suitable for special occasions, thanks to their satin and mirrored effects.

Special Bright

Metallic yarns immediately convey sophistication, celebration, and special occasions. The lamé yarns are elasticized, displaying both a glamorous and practical side for elegantly sporty outfits.

New: Astrid (Nm 38500)

Lanificio dell’Olivo also offers the brand a selection of stock-service products that can be shipped same day for sampling in addition to small production order sizes. In addition, the company offers clients a consultation service to guide customers in the best direction based on their needs. Lanificio dell’Olivo is also committed however to offering personalization, allowing clients to creatively play with the style, composition, and effects.

Discover the new collection and get in touch with a member of the Lanificio dell’Olivo team directly on Bsamply. 

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