Our recent webinar: digital product passport, incoming legislation and effects on the fashion supply chain

Digital product passport, incoming legislation and effects on the fashion supply chain. Rewatch our recent webinar with industry leading experts.

What was discussed?

Last June 29th, Bsamply led an insightful panel discussion co-hosted by GO-TRACE on the digital product passport, new legislation, and technology as it relates to supply chain transparency, traceability, and circularity in the fashion industry. With the conversation led by Catherine Lomonaco Membré, Founder of Go Trace, and guest speakers from the Union Textile Francais, and Fédération de la Mode Circulaire, took a deep dive into topics including the Lois Agec, legal obligations and key challenges behind the digital product passport and what the future of the circular economy looks like for the European Union. The role technology can play in supporting brands reach and extrapolating the data they need in order to have a transparent and traceable supply chain was also discussed by Deda Stealth professionals.

Webinar co-hosted by GO TRACE


Event moderator, Catherine Lomonaco Membré, Founder Go-Trace

Catherine Lomonaco Membré is the founder of GO TRACE. Before establishing GO TRACE, she owned Atelier Catherine Membré, a high-end French fashion brand with an ethical approach. This experience deepened her understanding of the critical role that sustainability and traceability play in the fashion industry. Catherine holds a variety of certifications in fashion sustainability and food traceability. She is also an ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and 14001 (Environmental Management) certified lead auditor.

read more about Go Trace at www.go-trace.com

Our Speakers?

Ellie Dahan-Lamort
Head of Advocacy and Community,
Fédération de la Mode Circulaire

Dedicated to changing the regulations applicable to companies in the textile industry in France and Europe, and aiming to address environmental and social concerns better, Ellie holds a Master’s degree from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, where she specialized in Innovation, Management of Technologies, and Sustainable Development. Her prior experience encompasses working for several years for various committed organizations within the textile sector. Ellie has effectively utilized her skills as a legal expert and a CSR officer, underlining her comprehensive understanding of sustainable corporate practices in this industry.

Sophie Frachon
Sustainable Dev. and CSR Manager, Union des Industries Textiles

With a master’s degree in law and a Master’s degree in humanitarian project management, Sophie worked for several years as a project manager in the associative sector, later joining the Senate as a parliamentary assistant working in Economic and Foreign Affairs Committees. After nearly 15 years in the Senate, she made a professional reconversion with a Master’s in Sustainable Development and Organizations at the University of Paris-Dauphine PSL. Passionate about textiles, she joined the Union des Industries Textiles in 2022 to work on issues related to sustainable development including environmental footprint, traceability, decarbonization of the textile sector, and waste management.

Viktoriia Shiriaeva
Presales Specialist and Enterprise Solution Consultant, Deda Stealth

Viktoriia gained a degree in Applied Interlinguistic Communication at the University of Trieste and she started her career at Dedagroup Stealth as Enterprise Solutions Consultant. She has been working in the Presales Team for 3 years actively exploring sustainability matters in the fashion industry. She is currently involved in various projects, following international customers and measuring their environmental impact. The presales job requires a deep understanding of the customer issues along the whole supply chain and introducing new developments and modules of the Stealth® Platform to several iconic Fashion brands.

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