Tomasi Master Welcomes Labels to its Portfolio of Products for Fashion Brands

Italian packaging company and Bsamply supplier, Tomasi Master Welcomes Labels to it is Portoflio of Products for Fashion Brands

An artisanal soul and an authentic passion bringing to today’s world of fashion premium packaging that represents the beauty of the Made-in-Italy design.

A company whose story begins with the Tomasi family in 1983 in the historic industrial district of Schio, considered by many the beating heart of Italy’s fabric production. For the past 35 years, Tomasi Master has had the chance to work with some of the industry’s leading brands, evolving over time to offer their customers continually new products and a more sustainable offer. Tomasi Master has acquired over the years certifications in GOTS, GRS, BCI, and FSC.

The company works with a year-round evergreen collection of products but also introduces smaller releases throughout. Discover the newest product releases directly on Bsamply.


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