Leath3r Showcases at Italy’s Most Important Leather Fair

Leath3r showcases at Lineapelle, offering fashion brands LWG and SLF certified leathers originiating from by-products of the food industry

In light of Milan’s iconic SS 2023 Fashion Week, the Bsamply team visited the biannual Italian leather tradeshow, taking place just outside the city center in Rho. Italy’s most important leather fair showcasing some of the world’s most renowned tanneries and accessory suppliers providing materials for apparel and footwear. The motto and defining trend of the show, ‘’Possible Worlds: we must look for other stories, stories that we have never heard nor told, through knowledge, relationships, thoughts and words that we have not yet found or that we have discarded for some reason.’’

An opportunity for the Bsamply team to discover new suppliers and check in with suppliers already present on the platform, like the sustainable and innovative company, Leath3r. A company whose name represents its living mission and vision: reuse, reduce, recycle.


The Leath3r program uses technology and R&D to help companies lower the environmental impact on the supply chain of the leather processing that goes from the raw material (slaughterhouse of animals) to the finished leather in the shoe & handbag producers. Each piece of the leather originates as a by-product of the food industry and is then marked with a QR code clients can use to fully track and trace the original source of their product, how it was produced, where it was produced and why providing clients with true sense of transparency.

“We want to change the status quo of the leather footwear industry by providing a ready product with a high technological value and innovative through recycled materials and certified production, that offers a high of transparency and traceability,” says Andrea, Founder of Leath3r.

Natural tumbled Nubuck, grain Nappa, Suede, and more. Leath3r offers a curated range of leather that can be used to meet the needs of all buyers and designers across the fashion industry.

As part of their sustainable approach to the industry, Leath3r joined Bsamply as a supplier in 2021, using the platform as a channel to digitalize their collection and sales process.

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