Italian Dedagroup Stealth annouces the aquasition of Bsamply, a further step in the company’s path towards internationalization

Dedagroup’s acquisition strategy continues, in line with its open innovation approach supporting the Group’s growth and the market’s development 


A further step in the Company’s path towards internationalization that will bring to the fashion and interior design industry valuable support in the management of an extended supply chain and will accelerate the digitalization of the raw material fashion sector with a close eye on transparency and sustainability and in line with ESG policies.

Trento, May 30, 2022 – Building an extended and even more digitalized supply chain based on the principles of transparency, sustainability and traceability to support the development of the fashion industry: with this outlook, Dedagroup Stealth — a Dedagroup subsidiary that for 30 years has been committed to supporting the growth of the main fashion and luxury brands with its expertise and software platform (ERP) — announces an agreement to acquire 100% of the business unit that controls the innovative platform of the start-up Bsamply. The platform — which promotes the digitalization of the fashion raw material sector, and was born to connect raw material suppliers (from fabrics to yarns, to leathers and accessories) and fashion and interior design companies— will become a part of Dedagroup Stealth, strengthening the new division that will be established. This internationally oriented deal comes just over two years after the acquisition of the English Zedonk, which has allowed Dedagroup Stealth to serve the start-up and young designers segment as well. 

Today, Dedagroup Stealth is among the very few companies in the world and the only one in Italy to have developed a technological platform dedicated to the fashion and accessories sector. In Italy, Dedagroup Stealth is a market leader with a 60% share, and its software solutions and expertise are also recognized abroad and chosen by major brands, as well as by independent designers and start-ups, as they satisfy and simplify the needs of an extremely complex, varied sector, enabling integration with the entire production chain — artisans, SMEs and small businesses — distributive and increasingly omnichannel based. 

With Bsamply, Dedagroup Stealth provides the fashion and luxury market — during a particularly difficult time in the procurement of materials and as a result increased prices, — with a platform for searching, sampling and ordering raw materials from qualified suppliers, contacting the garment makers best suited for manufacturing collections, but also for managing the sales process of their products and consolidating orders from retailers. This is in addition to the possibility for companies to choose the entities that best reflect their needs for transparency and sustainability and are in line with their ESG strategies.

This is an area already well-served by Dedagroup Stealth, which has developed its Stealth®Sustainability Solution module to support companies in developing greener business models making it possible to monitor the entire product life cycle and certify its level of sustainability. 

pictured right, Cosimo Solida, CEO Dedagroup Stealth

The over 8,000 current users of Bsamply’s platform — major fashion brands, suppliers and start-ups — will have the opportunity to showcase their products in accordance with the highest standards of transparency, to the most important fashion companies, thereby accelerating their growth and the innovation scope that their products may offer the entire sector.

Cosimo Solida, CEO of Dedagroup Stealth, commented: “Like every sector, the fashion industry has also been influenced by two fundamental macro-trends in recent years: the need and desire to raise the level of sustainability of its products, extending the control and the traceability over all materials accordingly, and the need to innovate, identifying, for example, the best opportunities offered by research and technology on material development. Bsamply meets both these needs in perfect harmony with a mission that inspires the development of our solutions each day. It is through these solutions that we aim to support the entire industry, which is increasingly oriented towards thorough control of the supply chain, and where attention to the environment has become strategic and can no longer be neglected.”

Alongside Dedagroup Stealth, we dedicate further energy and constancy to our growth process,” explained Andrea Fiume, Founder of Bsamply. “From 2017 we have made enormous progress, including the re-platforming we have launched, and we are certain that our partnership with a company like Dedagroup Stealth will become a strength for us, both in the near future and looking further ahead. While staying true to our defining DNA and business model, we aim to further expand our customer portfolio and provide services that increasingly meet brands’ needs: the ultimate goal is to give additional visibility to our technology, and in particular to the services offered in the eyes of consistently more prestigious brands in Italy and abroad; this is just the beginning.” 

Pictued right, Andrea Fiume, Founder and CEO Bsamply

This full-fledged strategic partnership is part of a process of gradual and consistent growth for Bsamply: founded in Los Angeles and opening the LAB company in 2018, followed by the launch of its innovative platform the following year. During the pandemic, the company also offered its services free of charge to textile companies. But that is not all: in 2021, the company expanded its business to include the interior design sector and held a re-platforming that has now garnered over 8,000 users, including some of the fashion world’s most important brands and suppliers. Bsamply is now looking to the future with ambition as it transfers its expertise to Dedagroup Stealth with the goal of enhancing its services available to brands.

Formal closing of the acquisition is contingent on satisfaction of all conditions set in the agreement and is expected to occur in the coming weeks.

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